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The Tungsten Weight Collection: Text
The Tungsten Weight Collection: New Collection

Typical tungsten weights are formed by using a process called sintering.  The process involves placing powdered tungsten into a mold with a sacrificial tube in the center.  Pressure and very high heat is applied to the mold.  The tube is destroyed in the process, leaving small burrs in the hole.  These burrs must be treated in some manner in order to prevent line abrasion and breaks.  There are several ways to treat these but the two most reliable are machine polishing or inserting a soft plastic tube.  Machine polished are most often called Insert Free, polished, diamond polished, etc.  The burrs and imperfections are ground/polished until smooth. Inserted weights are threaded with a soft, pliable insert that extends slightly above and below the weight to ensure that your line will never come in contact with the edge of the weight.  Our colored weights are then powder coated and packaged individually for protection during shipment and safe-keeping in your tackle box.  Unpainted weights are polished to a shiny finish and packaged loose in a small zip lock bag with a product card for identification.

Tungsten is environmentally friendly, non-toxic, contains no lead products and will not deform like lead which eventually closes on your line and causes breaks. The compact design allows them to penetrate through grass mats.

The Tungsten Weight Collection: Text
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